Monday, January 11, 2010

If Only...

I was thinking lately of things that could've/should've happened - film-wise - that didn't happen. Here is the list:

If only...

- Marilyn Monroe's last film Something's Gotta Give had been completed before her passing. I haven't seen the remaining footage that gets circulated around the web yet, but I've seen screencaps and stills for the film and Marilyn looks so refreshing and happy. I earnestly believe it would have been one of her best films, and with Dean Martin and Cyd Charisse on board, well that would have been delightful.

- Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers had danced to 'They Can't Take That Away From Me' in Shall We Dance. It just doesn't sit right that this poignant song was danced by Fred with Harriet Hoctor instead.

- The original, unbotched version of Orson Welles' The Magnificent Ambersons could be miraculously re-discovered. Because as much as the current version hints at a good film, it doesn't feel as whole as it may have been.

- Audrey Hepburn could've used her real voice - flawed as it may have been - in My Fair Lady (or else Julie Andrews should've been allowed to reprise her stage role). This might be contestable, but Marni Nixon's dub just doesn't sit right with me. Their voices don't match and so I can't suspend disbelief when Audrey's character sings. Otherwise, I did like Audrey's performance. Yet it would be interesting to see how Julie Andrews' Eliza Doolittle would have been.

And that is all I can think of know. I might make a part 2 if I come up with some more...


  1. I completely agree with the My Fair Lady bit! Personally I think they should have allowed Julie Andrews to do the film version since she was such a success in the stage version. *sighs*

    I'm currently reading Ginger Rogers' autobiography and she mentioned how in her later years she was being interviewed and the interviewer played that very clip when Fred Astaire danced with Harriet Hoctor, and Harriet does that amazing bend. The interviewer thought it was Ginger and asked how could she do that, haha! xoxo

  2. I've seen the footage from "Something's Gotta Give", and while she did look beautiful, she acted totally out of it. The scene with the girls that were supposed to be her kids was totally lifeless, and it seemed like she had a much stronger connection with their dog than her daughters.

    My wish with F&G was that "I used to be Color Blind" had been filmed in color.

  3. the vintage vamp: Yeah, if only the studio executives at the time had trusted Julie Andrew's talent.

    That's an interesting anecdote - if it had been her, perhaps the famous line about Ginger would have been 'backbending and in high heels'.

    maggie: Hmm, that's a shame. Still, it would have been interesting if the film were in its entirety.

    I definitely agree, it would be more appropriate with the lyrics and it would have been nice to see them in colour during the RKO days.

  4. F&G did finally dance to "They can't take that away" in BARKLEYS OF BROADWAY in 1949. But, it would have been much nicer it they had done it in the earlier dance. I really disliked the Hector/Astaire dance-it was totally lifeless. I also agree about ""Colorblind" being really-colorless. That whole movie could have used color as well as the subsequent CASTLES. In fact, all the movies after TOP HAT could have benefitted from color, with the exception of SWING TIME. I also would have loved ROBERTA in color!

  5. That's true, and I guess in a way it was fitting that they danced to it in their final film since the music feels like a kind of nostalgic swansong.

    Yes it would have been nice if there were more colour Fred and Ginger films - The Castles in colour would have been intriguing.

  6. Totally agree with you on Audrey in 'My Fair Lady'! &Same with Ava Gardner in 'Showboat' - why the dubbing? Her own singing voice was really charming (:

  7. Thank you for your comment ClassicFilmFan. :) Definitely agree about Ava, her voice was nice and should have been used.