Saturday, August 8, 2009

When beautiful people share the screen...

I don't know what 20:to:01 thinks (I mention that show because every second episode is usually about the best scenes/couples/heroes/films of *thisandthatgenre*...usually with the same films...), but if I were to say who is the number one screen couple--based on sheer gorgeousness--I'd look no further than:

Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor in A Place in the Sun (1951) <--they made two other films, but the chemistry is evidently most evident here. So...what inspired me to gush about these two? Browsing through imdb's classic board today I saw that a user had shared links to photos of them. And it just made lovehearts take over my eyes (animation style). So here are some photos from Life magazine's archives (hosted by Google) to show you that I'm not making a hullabaloo over nothing.

They weren't lovers in real life, but after meeting on the set of A Place in the Sun, they became good friends and remained so until Monty's death in 1966. In fact Elizabeth even saved Monty from dying much earlier from a car accident in 1957. They seemed to have a really good friendship, with Monty even once saying (according to imdb) that Elizabeth felt like " the other half of (him)".

It's worth mentioning that aside from being genetically blessed, they were two great actors, who both really hit their peaks in the 1950s.

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